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Buyhive Technologies Inc., founded in 2017, is a highly focused distributor of work safety products. Our manufacturing partners are chosen only after they've passed our litmus test of product quality and customer service. 

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Customized Distribution Plan for Procurement and Supply Chain Management

We develop customized distribution plans to navigate global supply chain issues, avoid disruption, and keep you in good supply. 

At Buyhive Technologies, we do more than just supply vital workplace safety products - we design a customized distribution process to keep your workforce safe and your shelves in stock, based on the unique needs of your company and each of its locations.

While workplace safety products are universal, the methods of purchasing and distributing these products vary. That’s why you need a supplier who can design a custom distribution process to meet your company’s unique needs.

Buyhive's approach is consultative.  We focus as much on process as we do on product. Whether it's developing a client-specific distribution plan, or establishing preferred payment terms, Buyhive will consistently find ways to set ourselves apart. 

And we’ll do just that.

Avoid Disruption in Supply Chain

The global pandemic has disrupted supply chains and left procurement managers scrambling to keep their companies in stock and their workforce safe.

We’re here to lift the global supply chain burden from your procurement team, sourcing hard-to-find items and drop-shipping them on demand.

We’ve worked with large retailers nationwide to navigate the disruption in supply chains and develop custom purchasing and distribution solutions so they don’t miss a beat.

We offer custom purchasing and distribution plans that allow you to buy in bulk or drop-ship on demand, according to your workforce’s changing needs. 

Whether you’re looking for bulk shipping every month, or you require warehousing to ship products daily to various locations, we’ll develop a solution that meets your company’s needs.

If you’re looking to navigate global supply chain challenges to source specialized safety products, contact us today to discuss a customized purchasing and distribution process to keep your workforce safe and well-supplied.